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1. I Will Give Thanks 2. Questions 3. Someday 4. Learning To Wait

5. Trust His Heart 6. He's Faithful 7. If Heaven Never Was Promised

8. God's Word Shall Stand 9. You Love Me So 10. Give Me Jesus

11. Brenda's Song 12. Hunger and Thirst 

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When self is exalted God is not present. We are called according to His purpose. Therefore, our lives should be a reflection of God’s light for His glory.


“In My Quiet Time” is a project that has special meaning to Eli. The songs were conceived during a time of searching, struggle, prayer, study, and deliverance. The music is original, honest, theologically sound, and inspiring. It is great for times of reflection, meditation or simply when you need some inspiration. You will certainly be blessed by its message.

This recording introduced Eli Wilson, Jr. to the world. “I Will Give Thanks” and “God’s Word Shall Stand” has had a tremendous reception in the New York area and throughout this country. On this CD, Eli has written, arranged and recorded music that has been proven to be timeless. Not only will you be blessed by it, you will want to share this blessing with family and friends.